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Vehicle Turbo Decoders

D-Code UK are the official distributors for the vehicle Turbo Decoders as viewed upon the internet.

The Turbo decoders have been designed for the swift opening and decoding of vehicle locking systems on various manufacturers models.

The tool offers the locksmith a clean and fast opening of the vehicle - one opened the mechanical lock can be unlocked and re locked as many times as necessary.

Once the opening procedure is complete, the locksmith can then read/decode the lock code*.

The opening procedure is easy to learn. During the original design and manufacturing stages the tool was tested in over 100 continuous cycles of opening different lock from the target lock range.

We are currently working with the manufacturer in developing tools for: BMW, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Ford, and Mercedes.

* Once trained, reading the code from the tool is possible using the reference points.

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Vehicle Turbo DecodersVehicle Turbo Decoders

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